Thursday, October 30, 2008

Country Farm Organics

Country Farm Organics
Brown Rice Dory Fish
Brown Rice Delights
Country Farm Sweet & Sour Fish
I found a good place to eat organic foods. Nowadays, I prefer eating organics more than other foods which I will still be taking you around and recommend you to good food and will be posting under the my blog so just keep reading. This place which is located at 1Utama new wing. It's on the lower ground and you won't miss it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unicron In TRU 1Utama

Today I was walking 1Utama, I took a few minutes and went into TRU. To my surprise, this is the Unicron left after a 1 week from the shipment that I posted last week. Compared to last week which was more that 30pcs, now this is what was left. Grab it will there are still in stock. Don't worry, I think it will last another 1 month for that stock.

Heaven On Toast

Heaven On Toast

I was in 1Utama, I saw a new stall selling all kinds of toast. It's called Heaven On Toast which is located on the second floor near the TGV Cinema, it's new and I give it a try. No bad for the 1st time. When free, give it a try.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TRU Mid Valley

Look at the stock that came in last week. It's flooded everywhere including Mid Valley TRU. Well, to my suprised that someone told me the Unicron was totally sold out. The informer really did not know anything. Look at the stock, still available. My advice, go and get it before it's too late.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wedding Invitation

Today my uncle sent us his wedding invitation which is going to be held on November 22 this year. I was surprised as their wedding invititation is a nice pink booklet, unlike others which look like a normal card. The booklet is nicely decorate.

RipCurl T-Shirt

I went for a movie with amy today at Sunway Pyramid. After the movie, I was looking for T-Shirt for working purposes but instead I went into one of the shop by the name of RipCurl. I bought 2 T-Shirts which I plan to wear later.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


"No point to go against the weapon specialist"

Armdealer used to making weapons for both the Autobots and Decepticons. After hearing the allspark was lost, he went to search in order to control all the cybertronians. Instead, he learnt that the allspark was destroy and so is Megatron, he quickly try to reinstate himself as the new leader of the Decepticons, which created both fraction in the Decepticons where some still support Starscreams to become the Decepticons leader.

Gathering Of USJ11/3 Gated Community

I went to the gathering of our gated community and would like to thanks to all the committee for making our area happy and safe to stay in USJ11/3. There were a lot of people I know which I don't even know their name though they were staying in this neighbourhood but after today, I known almost a lot of them in this neighbourhood.

Zi Xuan Starting To Chew

Look at Zi Xuan, biting her chewable biscuit for baby. I think it's very nice to eat by looking at her. Well, not much to say about her but will be posting her on blog frequently to see her growth

Please Use Recycle Bag

As the ozone layer is depleting, I'll help the earth and stop using plastic bag. Please recycle for the sake of the earth as we all unite as one to save the Earth. I'm using recyle bags when shopping so I hope everyone who's reading my blog, please recycle and use recycle bags instead of plastic bags.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm posting another one of my movie cup collection. It's Wall.E, I bet everyone already watched it and I'm waiting for the original DVD to launch as I'm planning to buy it. To eveyone, please don't litter because we don't want our world to become like the one we saw in Wall.E

Friday, October 24, 2008

TRU Subang Parade

Look at all the stock they have now compare to last time when the Transformer Movie was launched. A lot of new stock coming in and especially Unicron as now a lot of stock but I think after this next month will be no more because christmas coming and it's worth to buy it as a christmas gift

Huge Shipment On TRU 1Utama

I went to TRU today, to my surprise because a lot of shipment were in today especially transformers and star wars. As I'm a transformers collector so the 1st thing I look for is the transformers section. I'm so happy to see so many transformers. A lot of stock for TFA and Universe and even the ultra class and leader class for TFA. My advice is get it while TRU have stocks

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jazz & Angel

We were at the Singapore trip recently, we were very happy that day because it was our memorable trip as I took her a lot of places on interesting in Singapore including our 1st visit to the Singapore Palace. We had to paid sgd$1 for foreigner but it's worth it as the Palace is normally close but that day was open house so we took the opportunity to visit it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Omega Supreme

Finally, I opened and played with Omega Supreme from the Encore seriesthough I did not apply the sticker yet. I just transform into robot mode as I did post a few blog on Omega Supreme. I hope it does not bored you.

Soundwave Music Label

Finally, something new to add my transformer collection though the item started to sell a long time ago but I don't mind waiting if you are a collector. It's cool as it playbacks music and it also tranform to Soundwave who happens to be Megatron right hand of the Decepticon.

Sin Eng Heung Kaya Puff

My cousin brought this back when she's in Ipoh last week. The shop which sells the kaya puff was called SIN ENG HEUNG. It's kind of small for kaya puff but it's the taste that counts. When I had my 1st bite yesterday, I can't believe that I'm addicted to it and keep eating non stop but in the end, I had to stop as my uncle's wedding is round the corner so I have to keep fit after my last kaya puff which I'm eating.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I was in Singapore a few weeks ago. As usual, I'm seaching my collection but this time I bring my angel along. I took her to the SeaWorld in Singapore. It's big and as usual more or less the same as in Malaysia. To my surprise, I saw a real seahorse for the 1st. time but too bad because I did not video it and instead took pictures of it.


Finally, today I get myself the Ironman game for PS3 console. The graphic was so good and I really love the game. Once you start to play is cool but now it's getting hard and harder as now everything is like new to me especially controlling Ironman to fly. Well, I'll mastered it since I bought the game. Enjoy it and I recommend everyone to buy it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gurney Drive, The Garden

Gurney Drive
Po Piah
Penang Fried Rice
Char Hor Fun
Today me, my mom n my angel went to the garden. My mom had an appointment at the Clarins. Just before the appointment, we all went to have our lunch. Well, at first we do not know wat to eat then as we were walking, we saw a very nice restaurant. It's call Gurney Drive.