Saturday, January 14, 2012

Peranakan Place

Today we all went out to celebrate early birthday for my father in law. Me suggested to this Peranakan Place @ 1Utama as my father in law loves curry fish head. Me, my wife, father in law, mother in law went in 1st to get a place. As we were sitting for a long time for my brother in law and sister, I take the initiative to take the menu and order.
Curry Fish Head
I ordered the Curry Fish Head, look at the fish. This curry fish head had a minimum of 4 big chunks of fish. Very worth it. As my brother in law can't take fish so I ordered a chicken dish for him and my niece, the Honey Chicken. The honey chicken were diced into small pieces and then fried it and added honey and sesame. It was crispy and sweet. My niece loves it. They had 3 types of Omellete, the Cincalok Omellete, The Onion Omellete and the Lala Omellete. I quickly ordered the Onion Omellete which in chinese known as Foo Yong Egg.

Then my mother in law ordered the Braised Nyonya Beancurd. It had only a big piece of beancurd and added with mushroom and gravy. This dish is very normal that you can find it outside and lastly the Pandan Chicken which is very common in Nyonya restaurant. At the end of the dinner, we all were very full and satisfied.