Monday, November 10, 2008

Cafe O ChaCha

Ochacha Gardens
Front Counter
Matcha Azuki
Ochacha Freezzie
Me enjoying my drink
Ochacha Cafe is a huge fan of green tea. In fact, their menu consists mostly green tea drinks, green tea desserts and some unassuming pastries. This cafe is located in the GARDENS. When I was there, only a table were a couple sipping down the drinks, I thought it not so good. Well, I was wrong when the waitress recommended me the Ochacha Freezzie and Matcha Azuki cake, it was tasty so my next hangout place will be th Ochacha Cafe.

My Latest Addition Nemesis Jazz & G1 Jazz

Finally, I got my latest addition to myself, TFA Nemesis Jazz and G1 Jazz. I was so happy that I have my new Jazz. All this thanks to Ryukaze. He's really cool guy on helping me to redeco the my animated Jazz which was my favourite character besides convoy or Optimus Prime. I will post again on my TFA Jazz again under Transformer.