Saturday, May 28, 2011

Restoran Batu Asam Laut

My angel, myself and a bunch of friends went to Morib Gold Coast for a short and relax trip. We arrived that in the evening so after checked in, we went for our dinner at this place called Restoran Asam Batu Laut whihc is nearby the Morib Gold Coast.

This is how they serve rice to you. A big bowl of rice for you to take how much you want. Hehehehehe. As my friend, Siew Lim who know's the place so much so he's the one ordering the food. A really great guy and so does his family. Once ordered, the food was fast as fastfood. No need to wait as our stomach already start growling. The first thing to came out from the dinner menu was Fishball Soup, then the Stir-Fry Chinese Spinach.

As we were all hungry so we start eating though the menu for that night was not complete out. I really like the food. As we were at the nearby coast so all the food was more on seafood. The next menu to come out were the Fried Mantis or we called "hare gor" in hokkien. I don't know whether was pronouce correctly. One of my favourite food was there too, Fried Oyster Omelette or we normally called it "Ho Chien". My angel's favourite was ordered too which is the Steamed Lala With Chinese Cooking Wine. She really loves it very much.

Our dinner did have the one that everyones like to eat which was chicken dish. My friend ordered the Thai-Style Fried Chicken and lastly Banana Wrap Fried Fish which was my first time to try out. What I heard that the fish was fired and then steam it or the other way round and then wrap in banana leave and with curry graving. It was wonderful dinner and the price was reasonable for 10 of us to finish all the dishes.
Thai-Style Fried Chicken

Restoran Batu Asam Laut
Sungai Mosok, Batu Laut, Kuala Langat
GPS : E101.5043 N2.67944
Tel : 019-3844362