Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Leaf

This is what I'm sleeping for the time being because I have finally dismantle my ugly wardrobe and side table making way for my new wardrobe and bed. I making over my new room and get ready to turn a new leaf.
Look at the plae where I put my table for 10 years time. Makes the place so dirty with the stain whic I'm going to remove it soon. Even the skirting where my table put had came out after dismantling it.
This is where my wardrobe situated and after dismantling it. Look at the yellowish stain which makes my room look so old. Well, soon it will be over.
Look at the flooring on my room where all the colours all my flooring is coming out. It makes my room looks like nobody staing on it for a long time. Really dislikes it and I hope my new renovation will make my room nice and beautiful. Keeping my finger cross. Do check my post soon.