Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unconsiderate Driver II

I wonder how people get their driving license. This happenened when I was in SS2 to see doctor. As I finished my routine with my doctor, I found out that my car was block by an idiot. At first, I gave a light horn and then slowly I started to give him a heavy horn but still unavailable. Above picture was taken right after I came out. After 15mins which is below, the idiot still don't want to remove the car so I take the picture ans show the number plate to tell you this idiot was very unconsiderate. This only happened in our beloved country.

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen 2 in the making. I managed to cpatured Xuan Xuan doing her on version of twist. I'm happy to see her doing her dance which this video is very classic when she saw it when she's grow older. Hehehehehe.