Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hainan Tea @ SS2

Me, my mom and my brother went out to SS2 today because my bro went to see doctor. After that, all of us went to this Hainan Tea kopitiam which was round the corner. As my handphone's batter is almost out but luckily this place that had charger for a few type of handphones so no choice I can post through my handphone.
Hainan Tea Kopitiam
The Menu
As soon as we sat down, we take the menu and order. As we know that all the kopitiam menu almost all the same item so me and my mom decided to share our food. We ordered the Hainan Toast. The toast was greatly done but too bad the butter was just a stick piece instead of a slice which I prefer. At the end the toast was great.
Hainan Toast
The drinks we ordered were the Soya Milk Red Bean as red bean happened to be my favourite. The made the drinks more of smoothie type and I was looking if they made in blended type would be perfect. Lastly, my brother ordered the Curry Cheong Fun Special. Me and my mom did not try but according to my brother, it was great. Do give a try if you are free.
Soya Milk Red Bean
Curry Cheong Fun Special