Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ROTF Brawn

There's nothing Brawn loves more than a challenge. Luckily, working with the N.E.S.T Global Alliance gives him plenty of opportunities to show his strength. He has a new assignment : track down the Decepticon strong-bot Rampage. The Decepticon warrior's strength is legendary, but Brawn intends to crush both him and the legend with a couple blows of his indestructible fists.

ROTF Stalker Scorponok

Back on Cybertron, even before the war, Scorponok lurked in the dark, unpopulated places of his world, waiting for unsuspecting travelers to pass by. He would burrow silently through the shifting powdered iron of the planet's souther deserts, stalking his prey. The robots he hunted never even suspected his presense until he burst from the ground in a shower of glittering, steel sand.