Thursday, April 16, 2009

Music-Man Lee Hom Concert 2009

I'm happy because I managed to get the Music Man Concert 2009. It's the most awesome concert of the handsome musician, Wang Lee Hom and I'll be going there on the 2nd of May with my angel. It must be a pack show as I'm be witnessing his USD24,000 specially make guitar. Have a happy concert then to all bloggers and readers.

Living With Organic

This lady is all the way from Japan. I really admired her because in today's world.....we still can find people like this lady who only survives through recycles and reusable stuffs and not only that, she's eating organic.
All of us who keep saying we still have a lot of resources left for our future but to tell you the truth, if we keep on harming the mother earth, I don't think so we still have much left for our future. In order to help mother earth, please recycles because we may be different in nationality but we all stay in the same earth.
No matter where we are, please do our part to save this nice mother earth for our future. I'm not asking everyone to do fully recycles but by stop using harming chemicals, plastics, papers and the lists keep going just to save our beautiful mother earth. I'll be celebrating earth day and I hope everyone doing their part. If this lady can do it so do we. Don't be selfish, make ourselves useful to help mother earth.