Monday, May 18, 2009


An expert in electronic warfare, Stromcloud prefers to remain high above the battle, raining electromagnetic interference down on his enemies. His on-board communications package is second to none, with the most advanced decryption software in the galaxy, and laser antennas powerful enough to insert data into radio transmissions as they move without even needing to intercept them, causing chaos on the battlefield below.

Wedding Invitation

Yet another wedding invitation from my angel's cousin. It's end of this month so I'll be enjoying the wedding dinner. One by one, all getting marry before me. I feel I'm the last guy who gets marry but getting marry is another step of your life so if I'm getting marry then I'll inform everyone to share my happiness. They made a beautiful couple and my wish to Chick Ngee & Pei Tze. Have a wonderful wedding life as you had grown up and must take the responsiblity of becoming a good husband and hopefully a good father in the future. Happy Wedding

Min Chong Kopitiam

Min Chong Kopitiam
Today afternoon, me went out for lunch with my colleague. It's nearby my office in Taman Tun. In the kopitiam, there's a stall which I do not know the name but I heard from my colleague who had dine here before recommended me.
The Stall(pai seh as I do not know the name)
This stall had a lot of varieties to order. As soon as I sat down, I ordered the Hand Peel Pan Mee which is my all time favourite though the thickness of the pan mee was not my type but I feel the pan mee was very smooth and tasty. My colleague ordered another favourite dish from the local stall, Fish Head Bee Hoon. My colleague said the soup was excellent and the fish head was not fried. It was a good lunch for both of us.
Fish Head Bee Hoon
Hand Peel Pan Mee
Address :
Min Chong Kopitiam
No : 129, Jalan Aminuddin Baki,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.