Sunday, February 1, 2009

Madras Lane Rice Noodles

This morning I went to the KL to have breakfast as it's been a long time I had breakfast in KL. The shop is located inside the morning market of the Petaling Street. It's called Madras Lane Rice Noodles. Rice Noodles is also best known as Chee Cheong Fun. I bet evedyone like rice noodles. Since tomorrow is holiday for KL, go there and try it.

Nike Sneakers

I bought a new pair of sneakers for myself. It's Nike as I love Nike sneakers a lot so I went shopping yesterday and bought myself a nice pair of sneakers for myself as after so long working for the previous year bonus. Hehehehe.

My Hometown

Well, I'm back for blogging as I'm at my hometown for a week. It's quite boring because all my cousins all grown up so the environment is not the same as then but it's a tradition to have a reunion gathering. I'm happy because my hometown is really a good place to stay as you can see the mountains, birds singing in the morning. The "kampung" feel is still fresh in my mind. The fresh air is so refreshing as all of us are now staying in the city and I hope to stay in a place like that when I have time.