Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Breadou Emoticon

I bought something to help my poor hand as I had been playing computer lately. I brought this funny bread that can help you rest the wrist while playing computer and if you are having tension, then you can squeeze it to release your stress. One more thing is that though it's a fake bread but it does reallyh smell like a real bread so don't eat it. Hehehehehe

I'm Yours By Singindork888

Well, this guy by the nick of Singindork888 singing the version of I'm Yours. I really like this guy singing as he really have a great voice. I hope to hear all his singing when I'm on youtube. What a great voice that god had given to him so I hope any records company sign him up and definately, I'll buy his album for sure.

Great Unplugged By This Guy

I do not know about him but after I heard his singing, his voice really great for an ABC to sing a song unplugged. Now I'm addicted to this guy. He have my support and hope to hear this guy sings again. I love his songs and thanks to superwilson.