Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vienna Bagels @ One Utama

Vienna Bagels
Varieties I
Today I went to One Utama for dinner with my mom and my angel. It was packed with people because it's Wednesday night which means Movie Nights. We had our dinner but my mom did not ate much so as we walk towards to new wing, my mom wanted to buy Aunty Anne pastry but I said to her why don't we try out the Vienna Bagels.
Varieties II
Varieties III
Well, bagels look like doughnut but compared both, I prefer doughnut. Me and my mom gave it a try on the bagels, My mom ordered the La Parmesan and fo me, there were a lot of varieties so I chose the White Oreo. The La Parmesan was good as described by my mom. As for the White Oreo, as soon as I took the first bite, makes me feel very full. It was the first time so I can said it's good if you plan to eat light, try out the Vienna Bagels.
La Parmesan
White Oreo

Address :
Vienna Bagels
One Utama Outlet