Saturday, December 13, 2008

Supermodel Catwalk?

Look at the girls nowadays, try to be someone famous in their life. Go to gym, dress like their favourite actress and try to be a lookalike. Besides going to gym or fitness club, they also try themselves to slim down from chubby look to skinny. They even want to walk like supermodel doing a catwalk. Is this the life you want your daughter to follow? Why don't they just be themselves and be a simple girl instead of acting the way famous actress or supermodels lifestyle. Well, this is the way most malaysian girl is doing.

Sally Yeh Concert During Valentine 2009

I'm so happy that Salley Yeh is going to perform her concert in Arena, Gening during this coming Valentine 2009. The tickets already starts selling and I hope I'm not too late to get a pair of tickets for the concert which I did went to her concert which also held in the same venue beginning of this year. This year theme is "My Funny Valentine.....Sally Yeh In Genting"

Someone Using My Photo For Their Own Purposes

When I was searching something at and to my surprised was that someone out there is using my photo without my consent and displayed it at ebay becuase I think this guy does not own a camera and take other people's photo and sell at ebay. I think this guy does not have manners and at least ask for it instead of downloading my properties. This guy with so many ratings to himself also do this kind of thing.