Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Birthday Gift

Today I'm so happy as I get a present from my angel. It was a totally surprised to me as we agreed earlier that no need to buy any present to me but my angel went on to buy me a gift. I'm happy with the gift. It was a Ferrari cologne. I'll be using it daily. Thank you angel and I love you.

Xuan Xuan New Year Dress

Xuan Xuan growing up now . Already 10 months and isn't she adorable? This coming CNY she'll will be very happy because she got new dress. Hopefully she'll appreciate me as I treat her so good and all I get is cold treatment from her. I really sad.

Sea Of Lanterns

Today I went to Mid Valley with my angel in the occasion of celebrating of my birthday. I'm so happy as today is my big day though not much of a celebrating as I don't want to make a big celebration. I went there to see Mid Valley's decoration for CNY as I'm quite dissapointed with the decoration of CNY of 1U. It's a sea of lanterns for this year CNY theme.