Monday, November 3, 2008

Unknown Drink

Look at the design bottle of this Korea drink especially the bottle cap of the drink have a crab. I'm wondering whether it's good, well, I'm going to buy soon just to try out and let everyone knows.

Two Faces Of Amy

Today, I went out with my angel. As usual, we had our breakfast as it's Sunday as we do hangout often. We were chatting then I said smth bad and that makes her unhappy but in the end I managed to make her smile again

Rocky Road At Starbucks

Rocky Road
Wow, it's soooo HOT
Almost finish my Rocky Road
I went to Starbucks, Amcorp Mall this morning to have my breakfast. I ordered a cake. It's called Rocky Road. I really enjoyed it as the chocolate really melts in my mouth. I really love the cake. Look at the cake as it is hot until I have no choice but to opened my mouth. My advice, do ordered the Rocky Road. I hope I'll be treated by any bloggers when we meet up.