Friday, November 7, 2008

Congratulations To Barrack Obama

I personally would wish congratulations to Mr. Barack Obama. I'm sorry because since he won the president election which I followed closely and check the latest news on the campaign. I should now address him Mr.President as he defeated McCain. Now the whole world sees him as the first black president. Here, I sincerely congratulate Mr. President Obama.

Walt Disney Bolt

Come this coming November 21, Walt Disney will present you a new cartoon by the name of "Bolt". The movie is voiced by John Travolta and Miley Cyrus. I bet everyone knows who's Miley Cyrus. Well, she's the gal who played Hannah Montana which happens to be my favourite too. I can't wait to watch the movie. The movie will be launch on 27th of 2008 for Malaysia screening.

It's about a dog who's living in the movie world as he thought everything was so perfect until he was on the loose in the real world. It's quite a touching story as it teaches us to differenciate between real world and fantasy.

Heroes Season 3 : Villians

Wow, much anticapated show is coming to starworld in astro. My all time favourite show, Heroes Season 3 : Villians. I can't wait till the day the show starts. Every week, that day I'll stick at my tv just to watch the show. The stories begins with the assassination attempt on Nathan, and the consequences it has in the future. In addition, several villains escape from the confines of Level 5, and the Company attempts to recapture them.