Saturday, May 16, 2009

ROTF Soundwave

Stationed in orbit above Earth. Soundwave swiftly taps into every satellite in range. Within minutes, communications, data traffic, weather information, and high-resolution spy photography flood his sensor net. The spills of data fills him with pleasure, and one by one, he humans' systems come under his complete control. From his seat from high, he is in a position to control the destiny of mankind without their knowledge.....or to run their civilization into the ground.


Look at the sky and tell me why? Even the sky wants to know why the nowadays the weather is so hot? Why all of us living in this world so selfish? Why don't we recycle? Why don't we help each other to a better future? The question will keep on going until we realize what is the purpose of living?

ROTF Bumblebee

Having chosen to stay with Sam after the end of the battle for the Allspark, Bumblebee made arrangements to stay close to him at all times. It's been a pretty good deal. He gets regular detailing, and as much high-grade fuel he needs. Plus, he gets to spend time with Sam and Mikaela. His vocals processors still aren't fully up to snuff, but he and his friends communicate just fine. If he even misses the action of battle, he can always give Ironhide a call and go Decepticon hunting.