Monday, December 22, 2008

Surprise Toys For SuperWilson

I went to TRU to get something for my bro. He's non other that SuperWilson. This is a gift as a token of appreciation as he's a friendly and helpful friend. I hope he like's it as the item is his favourite so I let all the bloggers feel jealous a bit. Hehehehehe. No offence as I'm joking. Even the price I don't intend to take it off and I'll be signing the item.

Transformers Lolly Pop

Ever since the Movie Transformers was launched. everything you saw in the market sure have link to the Transformers. Nowadays, people in advertisement have no idea to sell their item or products, why don't they put the word Transformers and the item sure can sell off like hotcakes. Look at the lolly pop sweet I saw today afternoon at Cold Storage. Lolly Pop was around rm0.60-rm1.00 range which I don't reallt know the price and after adding the with Tranformers packaging, the item rose the price to rm34.90, is there no one out there with a new and fresh idea. Makes me so dissapointed.