Monday, April 13, 2009

Koi Kei Bakery Almond Cookies

I went to meet up with Amy today at One Utama for dinner. I went to this Effective Herbs which sells a lot of herbs and the biggest shop that selling herbs and they even showcase a big shark fin in front of their shop. Finally, I had been waiting for new stock for the Almond Cookies which I like it so much but because of overwhelming customers, that I had to wait for the second batch.Look at the Almond Cookies, stacking up which they came in 3 packaging, tin packaging and 2 type of boxes packaging where the green box is the normal size Almond Cookies and so is the size for the tin packaging.
As for the red box packaging, it is the mini version of the Almond Cookies. This is how it looks like when you opened the Mini Almond Cookies box and there are only 15pcs so I can start enjoying the cookies. If you like Almond Cookies, do buy it and try it because it is imported from Macau.