Saturday, January 7, 2012

Restoran Jin Zhou

Today after a long day out, me & my angel went for our dinner nearby my area. I think is nearby SS18. We went to this Restoran Jin Zhou where this restaurant had a lot of people though we reached there around 7pm. There a few restaurant nearby but this one really packed.
As we sat down, I ordered the claypot beancurd which I love the gravy of the claypot beancurd. Then, I ordered the sweet & sour pork which happens to be my wife favourite. Since there were 2 dishes on the table which consists pork, I ordered a vegetable as we know that vegetable were good to everyone.

The dinner was wonderful and the price of the dinner is really reasonable and because of that, me and my wife will be dining there more ofter and hopefully it won't bore me and especially my wife.