Saturday, January 10, 2009

Freedom For George The Lobster

A 140-year-old lobster once destined for a dinner plate received the gift of life Friday from a Park Avenue seafood restaurant. George, the 20-pound supercentenarian crustacean, was freed by City Crab and Seafood in New York City. Just imagine that a lobster have such a long lifespan. Luckily with the age, the George the lobster didn't turn out to be a big lobster. Well, life will find it's way so as long as we don't destroy the habitat of the living creature.

Encore 07 Sky Lynx

This is another encore series of Transformers. It's Sky Lynk. He's the Lieutenant Commander. He moves quickly and with great purpose so he doesn't hesitate to tell others of his accomplshments. He haave 2 modes, a dino bird and a lynx mode.