Thursday, December 24, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Buster Optimus Prime Power Up with GOW2

I finally opened my Buster Optimus Prime. It was so nice as this Buster Optimus Prime have been chrome and the smoke stacks becomes his cannon. Compared to the previous Leader Optimus Prime that comes snap out energy sword.
Well, when the snap out energy sword swings out makes me more happy because the energy sword which makes is just the movie version. So far the Buster Optimus Prime is nice.
Finally, since I bought the TFC-005 which was made by Transformers Fan Project. It's a blaster cannon made for Leader Optimus Prime, Classic Optimus Prime and Alternity Optimus Prime. Since I bought it, I might as well opened it and let my Buster Optimus Prime used to power up a new cannon on his left arm. I even, on the LED light and makes my Buster Optimus Prime complete. It's so cool.

ROTF Buster Optimus Prime

Finally, Buster Optimus Prime falls into my collection. This version of Optimus Prime is from Takara. I'm so happy that I finally got what I'm waited for so long but it's worth it. This Optimus Prime is far more better than the previous version by Hasbro and Takara.
With the destruction of Megatron, Optimus Prime thought that he was finally, after millions of years, at peace. Little did he know that the escape of Starscream would draw dozens of new Decepticons to Earth. The desire that burns brightest in his spark is that the war will soon end. He is determined to see that end come, and so he works with his human comrades and the other Autobots to hunt the Decepticons that have come to Earth, and destroy them, one by one.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Check Before You Post @ FB

I bet everyone is playing FB or Facebook. It's nice to see everyone so active in FB. Let me remind you that if you are typing in FB, shortcut is fine for me but do check your spelling before you post it on FB as you are letting people know that you don't know how to write or let people know that you did not finish your studies. Let me put an example : What do you mean by "JOP" and have you ever heard a word "AROPLANT"? I know everyone is in a hurry but please check what are you typing. I heard the word "JOB" and "AEROPLANE" but not "JOP" and "AROPLANT"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Human Alliance Sideswipe

When Sideswipe arrived on Earth, he was raw, untrained fighter, used to battling alone and outnumbered. He was teamed with Epps so the tech sergeant could whip him into shape as an effective member of the strike team led by Ironhide. the two have become good friends. In combat, Epps' combat-hardened instincts direct the speed and cunning of Sideswipe with devastating effectiveness.

TFC Gear Of War 2

I seldom bought anything from Transformers Fans Project item but recently TFC launched a cannon or you can say rifle especially for my favourite Transformers character, Optimus Prime. Inside the TFC-005 consists of 2 rifles and some add on parts to form a cannon for leader class Optimus Prime either the TFTM version and ROTF version. The rifles also can used by Classic Optimus Prime and Alternity Optimus Prime. Best of all, the rifles have LED and that makes me buy the 1st product of the Transformers Fan Project.

Friday, November 27, 2009

ROTF Decepticon Bludgeon

Decepticon Bludgeon was nearly destroyed by a fight with the metallikato master Autobot Whirl. Forced to retreat and hide, he scanned a new vehicle mode and dissapeared into the southeast asian jungle. He is desperate to prove himself against an Autobot. However, so he has caused just enough chaos locally to attract the attention of Ironhide. Now, he lies in wait for the Autobot, ready to spring his trap and destroy his victim in an instant.

Oyster King

Well, I'm back. Lately I had been quite busy with work so it's been a while I did not blog and I wish to apologize to my reader. I'm on leave today to renew my passport. After I'm done, as usual, I went to Mid Valley with my mom and angel to have lunch. It's been a long time I did not blog on food. As we were walking towards the Gardens, we noticed a new eatery and I do not know how long it's bee there. It's call Oyster King. I bet everyone who loves to eat like O-Zien or Oyster Omelette. The new place was Oyster King locater at the LG floor of the Gardens.
Oyster King
As we sat down, the waiter shows us the menu as the were 3 Values Sets. Set A consist of Oyster Omelette, Pumpkin Cake & Drink. Set B consists of Garlic Oyster Noodle, Pumpkin Cake & Drink. Lastly, Set C which consists of Glutinuous Rice, Pumpkin Cake & Drink. The value set costs Rm9.90 and most of the sets came with Pumpkin Cake.
Pumpkin Cake
We ordered the Set A. The pumpkin cake which looks like the yam cake which everyone have is for breakfast or supper. The tastes was way better than the yam cake especially the sambal. The we ordered the Oyster Omelette which was vert big plate with big oysters as I'm fond of oysters. Though the Oyster Omelette was big plate but we felt it's quite salty and that makes us want to drink more water and the Oyster Omelette have more eggs than the corn flour. The oysters was too little though it's big.
Oyster Omelette
Finally, we ordered the Fried Carrot Cake which happens to be my favourite. Yet again, the dish was too salty and the way they cook looks like they seperate to fried the Carrot Cake instead of frying together. Among all, I still like the Pumpkin Cake. Overall, I can say, the place was good to enjoy. To all, the comments are my personal view and I do not represent any media so eveyone do give it a try and leave a comment to my post.
Fried Carrot Cake
Oyster King
Lot LG-K03B, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unconsiderate Driver II

I wonder how people get their driving license. This happenened when I was in SS2 to see doctor. As I finished my routine with my doctor, I found out that my car was block by an idiot. At first, I gave a light horn and then slowly I started to give him a heavy horn but still unavailable. Above picture was taken right after I came out. After 15mins which is below, the idiot still don't want to remove the car so I take the picture ans show the number plate to tell you this idiot was very unconsiderate. This only happened in our beloved country.

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen 2 in the making. I managed to cpatured Xuan Xuan doing her on version of twist. I'm happy to see her doing her dance which this video is very classic when she saw it when she's grow older. Hehehehehe.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

ROTF Thrust

Thrust loves to fight, as long as he's guaranteed to win. As soon as the odds turn against the Decepticons, he's the first to run and hide. He relishes the chance to push around those smaller and weaker than him, so earth is the ultimate playground. He avoids the Autobots completely, choosing instead to pick fights with small, lightly armed groups of human. Even then, as soon as the humans roll out any artillery, or even rocket launchers, he heads for space, to lay low until he can stop shaking from fear.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Look.....Boom

Look at Xuan Xuan. I managed to see her this wonderful moment when she laughed and said "You Look.....Boom" in mandarin. What a lovely moment to capture it and post in my blog.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Real Voice Of Pikachu

I think a lot people like love Pikachu. As for me, I love Pikachu as I followed the Pokemons series and so does the movie. I stumble upon the voice behind Pikachu. Kawaii. I really like the the part when she said "Pika Pika"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peekaboo From Zi Xuan

Nowadays whenever I saw Xuan Xuan, she's not afraid of me anymore. Everytime I saw her, she learnt a few new tricks to keep me happy so I'm glad now that she's cheerful whenever I'm around. This was her playing peekaboo with me.

Revenge Of The Allen

Look at the imitation of the latest franchise movie. I actually saw a kiosk in One Utama selling my all time favourite, Optimus Prime. It's the latest transformers toys. He's no more Optimus Prime but he is now known as Distortion Android and he's now not a leader but a justice leader. To make the matter worse, instead of Transformers : Revenge Of the Fallen, it is now known as Revenge Of The Allen. We all know who's Fallen but who's this, Allen?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

District 9

A very touching movie I had watched so far. The story begins where an aliens stranded on Earth in 1982 above Johannesburg, South Africa. The spaceship contains a large group of unhealthy and leaderless arthropod-like species. These alien creatures, were referred to as prawns, were taken by the Multinational United (MNU) and housed in District 9 by the government and soon becomes a slum.

Wikus van der Merwe who's a MNU field operative was in charge of relocate the prawns to a new district, Distrcit 10. During the eviction, Wikus found a canister of alien liquid. The liquid which happens to be the fuel. Wikus accidentally spraying some of the liquid onto his face. An alien by the name of Christopher Johnson starts questioning the legality of the eviction served on him and demands his rights. Wikus starts showing symptoms where he bleeds and the the blood was black in color. He was ill the same night and was taken to hospital where his forearm is revealed to have mutated into an alien appendage. He's taken to MNU facility where with his new found alien hand, now he can operate alien weaponry due to his alien DNA, they intend to vivisect him before he fully transforms into an alien, in an attempt to replicate his ability, since the weapons are normally only operable by aliens. But Wikus uses his new strength to overpower his captors and escapes.

Now a fugitive, Wikus takes refuge in District 9 and returns to Christopher's shack. Noticing Wikus' arm, Christopher reveals that the canister Wikus confiscated contains a fluid that would allow him to access the mother ship and leave the planet. Christopher agrees to help Wikus if he promised to get the canister back from MNU. Wikus agress and try to buy weapons from the Nigerian Gang but their leader, the paralyzed warlord Obesandjo, seizes Wikus, seeking to gain his ability to operate alien weapons, which he believes he will achieve by eating Wikus' mutated arm. Wikus manages to get his hands on an alien weapon and quickly overpowers his captors, escaping with more weapons.

After escaping from the Nigerian Gang, both Wikus and Christopher went back to MNU facility to take back the canister and during the the escape, Christopher saw that their race was used as medical experiments on his race. Upon seeing this that Christopher decided to return his people before helping Wikus which take 3 years to heal Wikus. Frustrated, Wikus knocks Christopher unconscious and powers up the command module with the help of Christopher's son. Soon after takeoff, the spacecraft is shot at by MNU and it crashes nearby.

MNU forces take Wikus and Christopher prisoner but Obesandjo's gang ambushes them. The Nigerian Gang captures Wikus and prepares to sever his mutated arm for Obesandjo. From the command module, Christopher's son activates the mothership and a mechanized battle suit that kills Obesandjo and his men. Wikus then gets into the suit and rescues Christopher from the MNU mercenaries, allowing him to get to the command module. Promising Wikus that he will return to reverse his transformation, Christopher returns to the mother ship. Heavily wounded and in a much more advanced state of his mutation, Wikus crawls out of the battle suit and is confronted by Venter, the sole survivor and captain of the MNU squad. Before he can kill Wikus, aliens in the camp dismember and eat him. Christopher activates the mother ship and Johannesburg's residents celebrate its departure.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Where Got Ghost?

This is the latest film from Jack Neo. He's a talented director who brought us a lot of laughs. I really admire him and I hope to meet him one day. Anyway, this is the trailer of his latest work, "Where Got Ghost"?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Human Alliance Skids

Autobot Skids likes to think of himself as pretty capable, but the fact is Mikaela is a better driver than he is. With her behind the wheel, and him concentrating on squeezing every last bit of power out of his engine, even the fastest, most powerful Decepticons have trouble keeping up.