Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Room Flooring

Look at my flooring. So ugly. I don't know why the people who did the flooring cheated and promise this and that. After 10 years of living, my flooring colour is out and now looks like patches. Luckily, my wife's friend who's doing interior will help me because if not my room although everything was nice but spoil by the flooring.
Look at now my flooring after they sandpaper the floor. It looks so nice and tidy. I hope after they finished, my room will be wonderful. I'm so happy now because so far the schedule of renovating is so smooth. I'll post after they do the final touch on my floor.

My New Door

I'm very busy lately as my room renovation still in progress. This was my old door. Look back now, I think it was not nice at all but this door is the original design of my room. The first is to change my door knob which was broken by thieves a few years back. Look at what they did to my door knob. Part of it was my problem as I should not lock it as there were nothing taken from my room.
I even have to use tape to stick back in order to close my room door. I was so angry what they did at first but in other hand, I need to say because of them, I can change to a new door knob for my upcoming day.
Look at my door knob, finally it's done and it was so nice. I'm so happy as I finally can throw away that ugly broken door knob. besides that I change my old door to suits the new door knob. My door was so ugly and plain. It does not go along with new room so I have someone to remove and replace a new one.
This is how my door looks like before the installation day. I purposely ask the supplier to get me a nice hard door which was different from the hardware shop, who often give you a light and ugly type of door. If you want, I can introduced the supplier to you. The door was so long so have to cut to suit my room height.
Wow, look at my new door after installation, touch up with colour. Now I can see my new room door and can forget how my old door. I'm so happy now and waiting for my new room to finish and waiting to my big day.