Thursday, January 22, 2009

A View From Sky Bar

Today my angel had their annual dinner at the Traders Hotel, which is some where in KLCC. She enjoyed her dinner with her colleagues that consists of Charmaine, Steph and a few more who I can't recalled(nemesis says sorry). After their annual dinner, they went on to the Sky Bar and my angel took this night view with the KLCC Twin Towers as background which you caa see clearly at the Sky Bar. Look at my angel, smiling sweetly.

Red Cliff 2

I'm so happy as the most talk about movie is going to our local cinema this coming Friday. It's non other than the continue of the Red Cliff saga as John Woo over shoot then movie so that it is divided into 2 parts for a movie. In this movie, we can see how Zhuge Liang make a trap just to borrow arrows from Cao Cao forces and the burning of the Cao Cao ships which chain together.

Red Cliff 1

Red Cliff or The Battle Of Red Cliff. This is one of the great battles during the Three Kingdom Chronicles. In the summer of AD 208 during the Eastern Han Dynasty, the imperial army led by Chancellor (or Prime Minister) Cao Cao embarks on a campaign to eliminate the southern warlords Sun Quan and Liu Bei in the name of eliminating rebels. Cao Cao's mighty army swiftly conquers the southern province of Jingzhou and the Battle of Changban is ignited when Cao Cao's calvary unit starts attacking the civilians who are on an exodus led by Liu Bei. During the battle, Liu Bei's followers, including his sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, give an excellent display of their legendary combat skills by managing to hold off the enemy while buying time for the civilians to retreat. Then, a warrior by the name Zhao Yun or Zhao Zi Long fights bravely to rescue his lord Liu Bei's entrapped family but only succeeded in rescuing Liu's infant son.

Following the battle, Liu Bei's chief advisor Zhuge Liang sets forth on a diplomatic mission to Eastern Wu to form an alliance between Liu Bei and Sun Quan to deal with Cao Cao's invasion.

Grand Viceroy Zhou Yu take a great role of formation of the alliance, the forces of Liu Bei and Sun Quan call for a meeting to formulate a plan to counter Cao Cao's army, which is advancing slowly towards Red Cliff at godspeed from both land and water. The battle begins with the defeat of Cao Cao's light calvary unit by the Eight Trigrams Formation that was laid down by the allied forces. Cao Cao's vanguard army is utterly defeated by the allies but Cao Cao shows no disappointment and proceeds to lead his main army to the riverbank directly opposite the allies' main camp where they laid camp.

While the allies throw a banquet to celebrate their victory, Zhuge Liang thinks of a plan to send Sun Shangxiang to infiltrate Cao Cao's camp and serve as a spy for them. The duo maintain contact by sending messages via a pigeon.