Sunday, March 27, 2011

My 1st Anniversary

Wow, a hectic day because I'm preparing what to give to my angel on our 1st anniversary. Besides that, that day happens to be her birthday. I was thinking for the present so end up that important day, I went to florist to bought her a bouquet of flowers which consists only 23 stalks of roses of 3 clolours : red, pink and white.
I went on to bought to cards to celebrate our big day. It was a anniversary card and a birthday card though it suppose to be 2 presents for her so at first, I managed to get her 2 cards and bouquet of flowers. At first, she was dissapointed with only 2 cards but then during our lunch, I surprised her with a watch which she yearn for so much.
She was so surprised that I din managed to get her photo on my camera but to me that was her lovely smile and said thank you for that special gift and she quickly take out and where in front of me. I'm so happy. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday my angel.

My Room Flooring II

Finally, after days of works on my room flooring, it's finally done. I'm so happy as now my room flooring so shining. Look at it now, even myself I don't believe it that is my room. Looking forward for my bed and wardrobe. I wonder how it looks lie after the final touch up.