Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Alex, me and my mom went for a supper last night as it was my brother's treat so it's been a been a long time I didn't went there as it was opened last year. It's PappaRich which is similar to Pappa Kopitiam as it was a franchised shop.
Steam Bread With Curry Chicken
As soon as we sat down, I make a quick order of Steam Bread With Curry Chicken. It was good but the chicken was big so it took me quite some time to finish it. My brother ordered their Dry Curry Chicken Mee With Sliced Chicken as it looks nice.
Soya Milk Tong Yuen
My mom ordered the Soya Milk Tong Yuen so at the end of the supper, we were very full and it was nice to have supper. Really enjoyed the time as my brother will be going back to Ipoh the day after.
Dry Curry Chicken Mee With Sliced Chicken
Address :
No : 1, Jalan USJ 10/1D,
Taipan Triangle UEP,
47620 Subang Jaya.
Tel : 03-56367318

Monday, March 30, 2009

Restoran Keong Seng

Restoran Keong Seng
It was another weekend so we change our destination to look for food as we always look for good food to all food bloggers. Instead of a shopping mall, we went to an area familiar with a lot of students. It's near SS14, next to a BHP petrol station. Still do not know where, well it's opposite of SS15 McDonald's. It's called Restoran Keong Seng. A place where you order you dishes or just a normal fried rice or fried mee.
Marmite Pork Ribs
I ordered the Marmite Pork Ribs as it is good especially recommended by the boss. Then we ordered the Fan Su Yip or in other words, Sweet Potato Leaves. It's just 2 dishes already so I thought of enough but actually not so we continue our orders for the evening.
Sweet Potato Leaves
Then the boss recommended us their special bean curd with special gravy. The aroma is good before we set our spoon and fork towards the special Bean Curd. The last dish we ordered are Three Yolks Egg or Sarm Wong Dan. To tell you the truth, 4 dishes for just the 2 of us. It was a wonderful dinner.
Special Bean Curd
Three Yolks Egg (Sarm Wong Dan)
Address :
Restoran Keong Seng
No : 6, Jalan SS14/2,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel : 016-3200716

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Unborn

The story draws the legend of a dybbuk, a malevolent spirit that refuses to leave the human world and inhabits the body of a person.
Casey Beldon was jogging and suddenly, there is a blue glove on the trail. She picks it up and turns around to see a boy, with a blue glove missing from his left hand. After Casey blinks, the boy turns into a dog with a mask on walks into the forest, Casey followed and finds the mask on the ground, with the string buried in the dirt. She finds a glass jar with an unborn baby inside it. Suddenly, the unborn baby opens its eyes is Casey is plaqued After that, Casey baby-sitting Matty, her neighbor's son and supposedly taking a nap. While on the phone, she heard a voice saying "Some people are doorways," on the baby monitor used for Matty's baby sister. Casey goes upstairs to check on them. Matty was holding a mirror to the baby's face. After being hit with the mirror, Casey's eyes begin to change color and learns that she had a twin brother who died in the womb. Casey suspect that she is being haunted by her dead twin that wants to be born. She met a woman named Sofi, who is revealed to be her grandmother. Sofi explains that she had a twin brother who was killed in Nazi experiments in Auschwitz when they were young). The boy was brought back to life by a dybbuk who intended to use his body as a portal into the world of the living. Sofi killed her twin to stop the dybbuk, and now it haunts her family for revenge.Sofi introduced Rabbi Sendak to Casey to performed the exorcism to remove the dybbuk and finally the dybbuk is drawn back from the human world and with Casey's boyfriend killed, she soon finds out that she is pregnant by him, with twins.

Food & Tea

Food & Tea
Ying Yong & Yin Yong with Jelly in Hong Kong Style
Well, another food blog. Me & Amy went to Tropicana Mall for the ACGC event. As soon as we reached there as we didn't not eat our breakfast and it is almost noon so we went for our brunch. We went to this Food & Tea which was located at Level 1. To my surprised that this restaurant had more than 200 choices and it attracted me. We ordered drinks, Ying Yong for me and Ying Yong with Jelly for Amy. We were thirsty. On the table, they had a new promotion which was Fresh Water Prawn Fried Yee Mee with Egg Sauce. Amy love it and ordered it.
Fresh Water Prawn Fried Yee Mee with Egg Sauce
As for me, I very hungry so for appetiser, I ordered the Sweet Sour Crabmeat With Mantau then continue for the main course which was one of this restaurant speciality, it's the Pork Chop Burger In Macau Style. Normally, all we had was chicken, beef or fish burger. This will be my first time eating a pork chop burger. Result, it was very tasty and will be going there when free.
Pork Chop Burger In Macau Style
Sweet Sour Crabmeat With Mantau
Address :
Food & Tea
L1-15, Level 1,
No 3, Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03-77105313

Friday, March 27, 2009

Drag Strip

The only thing Drag Strip hates more than the Autobot's coming in second. He hates losing so much, he'll do anything to avoid it. Cheating is always his first resort, followed quickly by outright violence against his competition. The other Decepticons wouldn't be at all sad to see him scrapped since he's almost as much of a pain for themto deal with as he is for the enemy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Confession Of A Shopaholic

Rebecca Bloomwood moves to Manhattan to nurture her shopping addiction and get involved in the New York City magazine world. When she discovers a fashionable green scarf, she doesn't have enough money to buy it and borrows money from a man on the street. She went for an interview and the man that interview her happens to be the man from whom she had borrowed money. Lack of success, she writes 2 letters to Alette magazine and Successful Saving while drunken and posts to the wrong magazine. Wrong had been done and Luke Brandon hires her. She goes to a clothes sale instead of completing an assignment. She had been cheated so she wrote her column, calling herself "the Girl with the Green Scarf". Impressed, by the column she was invited to a conference in Miami and an important ball. Luke asks what she thinks of him while shopping. Luke and Rebecca had a romantic moment on the roof. Her best friend Suze, who makes her join a Shopaholic-group. When a live TV show, she was publicly accused of not paying her debts and as a consequence loses her job. Luke is hurt that Rebecca has lied to him, he still finds her a source of inspiration. Rebecca decides to sell all of her clothes, but hesitates over the green scarf.

This story has a moral is that you don't more than you earn or keep on using the credit card in order to show off who you are because soon you'll pay of the debts as it's hard to earn your living just to pay off your debts. Is good to be free of debts. To all people who are using plastic money, do watch it and you'll know how hard that you have to pay if your debts especially when you are earning not enough to cover your debts.

Nemesis Jazz

Yet I'm posting another price collection because this item is mine and I'll show it to you as you can't find any in the market. It's non other that Nemesis Jazz as it suites my nickname. I first brought out the idea to Ryukaze when the TFTM toys was launched as there is too many people having the same item like Nemesis Prime so why not I bring a new character out.....Nemesis Jazz was born that day and I'm so happy as I still keep my price collection. The color scheme is just like the one I had which was a movie Jazz converted to Nemesis Jazz. I really appreciate Ryukaze for doing a fine job for me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Strike Optimus Prime

When the Allspark was destroyed, the war against the Decepticons ended in one stroke. Optimus Prime was bathed in the power of the shattered Allspark. The gaps in his armor gleam with ancient energy, his eyes and voice pulse with power. He has become a living receptacle of the creative power of the Allspark, capable of healing or destroying with merest thought. despite this, he remains dedicated to peace. As a symbol of this dedication, he has altered his exterior decorations to match the ones he bore as a young leader, before the beginning of the war.

Monday, March 23, 2009

ROTF Optimus Prime

A surprised to me as the TFTM 2 : Revenge Of The Fallen toys are out courtesy of TW. It's non other than the voyager Optimus Prime in new packaging and even the color scheme have change. I love the packaging.
From the moment Optimus Prime took earth as a new home for himself and for his people, he was rededicated to its protection. Since that day, he has focused all his considerable will and power on rooting out the last few Decepticons and destroying them. To that end, he has upgraded and refined his sensor suite, and trained with Ironhide in tracking the evil robots.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Acid Storm

A member of an obscure squad of Decepticon air warriors known only as "The Rainmaker". Acid Storm is known as an individual only to his teammates and a few others. He is highly intelligent, eager and dedicated utterly to Decepticon cause unlike Starscream, Sky Warp or Thundercaracker. He has a talent for marshalling vast amounts of data, as well as a way with words that would make him a powerful speaker. However, he prefers to remain anonymous, as part of his team. His hypersonic-3 blasters can seed natural clouds with a highly destructive form of acid rain.

Yaki Yaki Japanese Barbeque Buffet Restaurant

Yesterday, me and my angel went for a dinner. A buffet dinner at Yaki Yaki. It's located next to the Low Yat Plaza. The place was packed and luckily I reserved the place earlier because Yaki Yaki was opened recently as you know a lot of Malaysian will try out new thing especially food.
Besides the trend now was japanese food in buffet style so now you can see a lot of new japanese new restaurant are following the trend. Now Yaki Yaki is having a pomotion of 50% so do expect a lot of people. The place is good but to me, it's packed with a lot of people so quite noisy but overall, its ok for 1st timer coming here here to eat.
This place have a lot of varieties of food as me and my angel just enjoying the dinner and makes me no time to write down the name of the food. The food like shasimi, sushi, but both of this is very little as this restaurant is doing more on barbeque food so you must take time to enjoyed the food here.
Not only we ate the sushi and shasimi, we also took time to enjoyed the all the food in the restaurant like tempura, soft shell crab, baked oysters and so do the raw oysters and clams. I ate a lot of oysters and clams.....hehehehehe. Besides the seafood, the meat on stick (beef, chicken) were also good.
After we had try out all the foods in Yaki Yaki, it's time for to have some refreshments like fruits, ice-cream and last but not least, the dessert. Well, all I can say if you are planning to go there, do make reservations. At the end of the day, we did enjoyed our dinner. Happy eating.
Address :
Yaki Yaki Japanese Barbeque Buffet Restaurant
Ground Floor, Federal Bowl,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang Central,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-21428111

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Decepticon Dropshot

Decepticon Dropshot is always fighting even when the fighting is stop. He takes every opportunity to pick a fight, and is always throw a punch or fire a missle. If the opponent who doesn't fight back, that's fine with him. The way he looks at it, anyone who doesn't fight is a coward and deserves a beating. He's not really interested in having a reason to fight, and he doesn't care whether his sides win or loses, as long as he gets to pound on someone. Other Decepticons avoid him unless there are Autobots around for him to pick on.