Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's At One Utama

Valentine's day is round the corner. Did anyone prepared for that special day like going anywhere special for dinner and buy any special gift for that occasion? Well, if you can't think of a place, let me take you to a special place, though is not so grand where you can give her flowers and sweet chocolates for your love ones though not much but it's the heart that counts. Well, that special place is non other that 1 Utama New Wing. The place maybe familiar to everyone but that you can celebrate with your love ones. There is a nice scene to take pitures with you love ones as there a big chocolate, big flowers and a few loving bees to celebrating with you.

Transformer Special Edition

Finally, I completed my cool collection of Transformers. It in a special black box that came out in four characters. They are Optimus Prime, my all time favourite, Megatron in tank mode, Dragstrip which happens to be a member of Stunticon that form Menasor but this Dragstrip is a recolor of Mirage of the Classic series and lastly, Overkill whiih happens to be a cassette back in the G1 series and this time it is a recolor of Classic series Grimlock. I'm so happy to complete my Special Edition of the Transformers.