Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nemesis Jazz

I bring you a special transformers. It is the limited version and now I proudly says it belongs to my collection now. This is one of my projects and there is more coming. It is so wonderful and perfect. It is the special version Jazz and it's name is Nemesis Jazz. It belongs to Decepticons. This special version of the transformers and I like it so much. All thanks to Ryukaze. He did a wonderful job. He specially give toning to the Jazz and I like it so much. Btw, I took the movie version Jazz to redecorate it.


catsndogs said...

OMG... nice .. but how does this transformers charaters came out ?
tell me the story..tell me.. tell me

nemesis_jazz said...

Well, it all came to me when every transformers show have the nemesis prime, so then I create a nemesis jazz to help the nemesis prime. This two figures help Unicron

alex ng ke yuan said...

let me guess so tis one u sprayed the jazz to nemesis jazz

Akidora said...

An exclusive figure which is named after his name - Truly Nemesis Jazz.

Try to collect all the other jazz and 'reformat' it to nemesis. That will be cool