Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Girls Fighting

Baby Mei Mei : You want a fight?
Zi Xuan : Not now
Zi Xuan : Come on and give me your best shot
Mei Mei : I'll start by scratching you face
Baby Mei Mei : Come on and taste my fist
Zi Xuan : Don't hit my face
Baby Mei Mei : Sorry and Make Up
Zi Xuan : Ok and do I look pretty in front of camera?
Zi Xuan : Ok and I forgive you
Baby Mei Mei : Thank you
Zi Xuan : Hug and make up
Mei Mei : Thank you
Mei Mei : Thank youWhat do babies gal do when they met each other? Your normally reaction is that they will hug each other or chat where else we think baby boys meet each other will fight. To tell you the truth that baby girls do fight when they meet each other. This what the picture showing a sequence of the 2 babies playing instead of fighting. The 2 babies are so adorable.

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