Saturday, December 6, 2008

Q Jelly Bakery Shop

I went to 1U shopping with my mom, as usual nothing to buy becuase of credit crunch. :( poor me. Then I remembered that Cold Storage opened and take over Giant at 1U new wing and to my surprise that area had a lot of eatery which I going to try one of these days. I found one of my favourite shop there, it's Q Jelly Bakery Shop where they sell desserts and cakes in jelly(agar-agar) form. Mmmmmph my favourite and they are having a promotion only this week where you buy 3 get 1 free. If you are holding OneCard or Q Jelly's membership card that will entitle you to buy Disney character's Jelly which is the size of a palm and get another 1 for free. Not only that, I saw a very big Jelly cake that cost rm25 and that entitle OneCard and Q Jelly's membership card to get 1 same size and cost Jelly cake for free. Hurry hurry before the promotion ends.

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