Thursday, February 19, 2009

Food Bloggers "Makan" Session

I was invited for a "makan-makan" session by today courtesy of Carlsberg in Shah Alam. That evening I get to know a lot of people especially some few food bloggers like Daniel, Ruth and Rachel. A great day for me. I was introduced to the lovely people of as well as people from Carlsberg. The presentation by TheQGuides had not started so we enjoyed the buffet dinner.
Then Jek Tan start to give his presntation on what service they are offering. This service is said to be the first of its kind in Malaysia and of course more details will be revealed later on until their completion stage.
In brief:
-Introduce the project, team & objectives to all attendees
-Identify win-win opportunities for food bloggers, working together with
-Develop meaningful working relationships with food bloggers
-Gauge interest levels in the
-Have fun!

After the presentation, Jek started to ask some questions about their masterplan to get the feedback. It was a great plan to me but will it work and that is another question. We'll see about that. Besides that, we get a goodie bags too.

Finally, a group photo for the "makan-makan" session before I left. It was my first time attending the small function as a blogger. I'm happy about it.

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