Thursday, March 12, 2009

Childhood Sweets

8 Shaped Sweets
Just the other day I was dining at Otak-Otak Place, I saw something that I used to have during my childhood. I'm so happy as they were selling the sweets that I used to buy when I was a kid. It really brings back my memories. Those day, the 8 shape sweets cost around 20cents but now it cost at RM1. Well, those were the days.
Ding Dang
Besides the 8 shaped sweets, I also saw something that I will buy whenever the "Roti Man" passed by because those days I too small to go out to the indian shop. It's Ding Dang chocolates that comes with toys. The toys I got were the gashapons. It costs RM2 now compared to 40cents. I miss those days.

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