Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kenny Roger's Roasters

Kenny Roger's Roasters
Kenny Roger's Roaster New Menu
Me and Amy went for a movie today but end up did not managed to buy the ticket for Love Matters as the time we want to watch is 7:00pm but they had the 9:30pm ticket. We made the decision not to watch it because it was too late.
Banana Muffin
As we were walking, we felt hungry and went for our dinner. We went to Kenny Rogers for our dinner and to tell you the truth that this is the second time we had Kenny Rogers. We tried out the new recipe for Kenny Rogers. It's called the Kenny's Balinese Baked Fish Combo. It was good and the taste for the fish is like our assam fish. The package of the combo were quarter chicken, a banana muffin and the Balinese Baked Fish with baked beans, mash potatoes and coleslaw. It was a good dinner and really enjoyed.
Quarter Chicken
Balinese Fish
Kenny Roger's Roasters
Sunway Pyramid
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