Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Shot Prawn Pizza @ Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut, here I come. I found out that Pizza Hut had a new recipe for their pizza. Well, I went there with my angel last night just to try out their new recipe. The name of the new recipe was called the Big Shot Prawn Pizza. Well, as I feel like eating pizza tonight as it's been a long time I didn't touched pizza. Well, you won't lose anything just to try new food.
The menu for the new recipe and the ingrediient contains of 8" prawns, masala chicken, mushroom, lime dressing, mozzarella cheese and fresh dough. Wow, this is one affordable treat you wouldn't want to miss. While stock last. Give it a try.
Big Shot Prawn Pizza
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Any Pizza Hut Outlet

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