Saturday, June 6, 2009

ROTF Sales After 1 Week

Today I went to TMC as TRU are having promotion in conjunction of the the released of the ROTF toys which was 1 week old since it was launched on the 30th of May 2008. I was there because I still miss out a few voyager class characters of the ROTF series.
Well, as you can see that only the deluxe class were available and it was not even complete as all I can found on the shelf was the character which nobody wants it because maybe it was not nice to them but to me, it's still a collective item if you are a transformers fan. As you can see, on the display shelf, only Autobot Skid and Rampage which consists not more than 10 each. The rest are the one people dislike which were Chromia and Autobot Wheelie.
The movie ROTF will schedule on the 24th of June 2009, and after the movie, not even a Chromia and Autobot Wheelie will be seen on the shelf. That's life, when the item was on the shelf, nobody wants and when it's scarce, people will rush for it. My advice is to get it before the movie starts.

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