Sunday, July 5, 2009

Superdog @ Singapore

I was @ Singapore last weekend to visit my god brother and together to watched ROTF again. It was a good movie but this time is not about the movie. Before we went for our movie, we had our lunch @ Downtown East, a new shopping place similar to our Cineleisure but minus the IT world. We went to this new franchise fastfood by the name of Superdog. Superdog not only selling their famous hotdogs but also burgers. We try out their promotion super value meals that consists of Bacon Ripper Chicken hotdog, a Regular Freshly Brewed Iced Lemon Tea and Chips.
Bacon Ripper Chicken
Their hotdog was so special because normally here we had our hotdog then added with special sauce just like every normal hotdog. What they meant by Bacon Ripper Chicken was that the hotdog was wrapped with bacon then fried it so that makes their hotdog so special. Normally we had our Iced Lemon Tea either too sweet or no taste but the Iced Lemon Tea they served is truly out of this world. They served Chips instead of French Fries and I really love it and I can't wait to taste it again and hopefully Malaysia will had that frachise soon.
Regular Freshly Brewed Iced Lemon Tea
Superdog Chips
Superdog Chips
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Any Superdog outlet @ Singapore

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