Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unconsiderate Driver II

I wonder how people get their driving license. This happenened when I was in SS2 to see doctor. As I finished my routine with my doctor, I found out that my car was block by an idiot. At first, I gave a light horn and then slowly I started to give him a heavy horn but still unavailable. Above picture was taken right after I came out. After 15mins which is below, the idiot still don't want to remove the car so I take the picture ans show the number plate to tell you this idiot was very unconsiderate. This only happened in our beloved country.

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alan said...

Living in Texas (U S A) I would not have had a problem with the IDIOT driver.I would have placed my F350 4 w d in "R" and backed up,lodging the car under my bed and drug them to the nearest Cop Shop or donut shop parking lot and placed them behind a police car