Friday, December 11, 2009

Buster Optimus Prime Power Up with GOW2

I finally opened my Buster Optimus Prime. It was so nice as this Buster Optimus Prime have been chrome and the smoke stacks becomes his cannon. Compared to the previous Leader Optimus Prime that comes snap out energy sword.
Well, when the snap out energy sword swings out makes me more happy because the energy sword which makes is just the movie version. So far the Buster Optimus Prime is nice.
Finally, since I bought the TFC-005 which was made by Transformers Fan Project. It's a blaster cannon made for Leader Optimus Prime, Classic Optimus Prime and Alternity Optimus Prime. Since I bought it, I might as well opened it and let my Buster Optimus Prime used to power up a new cannon on his left arm. I even, on the LED light and makes my Buster Optimus Prime complete. It's so cool.

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