Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Room Flooring

Look at my flooring. So ugly. I don't know why the people who did the flooring cheated and promise this and that. After 10 years of living, my flooring colour is out and now looks like patches. Luckily, my wife's friend who's doing interior will help me because if not my room although everything was nice but spoil by the flooring.
Look at now my flooring after they sandpaper the floor. It looks so nice and tidy. I hope after they finished, my room will be wonderful. I'm so happy now because so far the schedule of renovating is so smooth. I'll post after they do the final touch on my floor.

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Kathy said...

Whoa, the floor looks completely changed! The new flooring looks so crisp and clean. You can practically sleep there without a bed or any kind of mattress! And what I like about it most is that it kind of gives a calming atmosphere to the room that makes you want to fall asleep right away. That’s a good renovation for you!

Kathy Carbone