Sunday, January 1, 2012

Marvel Select Gambit

I recently started to collect 6" figure especially Marvel's character.What I'm going to post is Marvel's Select Gambit. Before he's known as Remy LeBeau who wandered around the world as gambler and master theif. His mutant powered is to charged object with explosive energy. His trademark weapon is throwing energized cards.
Remy LeBeau approached Mr.Sinister to help him control his power but Mr.Sinister remove some of Gambit's brain tissue just to reduce his power and control of his power but now that he is indebted to Mr.Sinister not knowing asking him to assemble a teams of assassins and go by the name of Marauders.
Mr.Sinister employed the Marauders is to track down the community of underground mutant known as the Morlocks and after learning the the actions of the Marauders, Gambit try to stop the Marauders actual plan but was nearly killed by Sabretooth.

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