Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Watami @ 1Utama

Today me and my lovely wife went to try out the WATAMI @ 1Utama for the 1st. time since it was opened last year. The place was very cozy and the environment was wonderful. Since it was our 1st. time here, we ordered not much.

The 1st. dish was the the appetiser Kani Hotate Cream Croquette. It's like patato ball but with filling inside consists of crabmeat and scallop. When you take the 1st. bite, it was creamy inside so becareful when you take a bite. Then I ordered skewers which I love it very much. It was called Tori Momo Kushi. It was chicken thigh skewers. It was well cooked with little sauce where outside selling skewers with a lot of sauce which makes you can taste the sauce instead of the skewers.

My wife ordered the Gomoku Kamameshi which means chicken and salmon pot rice. To me is more like claypot rice with different meat. The presentation of the food was very nice and the when the waiter present it, he asked us to wait for 20 minutes for the rice to cook. My wife said the rice was nice but very dried and in the end, she did finished it. I ordered the Tappuri Kinoko Zousui which means rice with chicken & assorted mushroom. My wife would like this as it is filled with broth. It was so hot so I have to wait for a while to eat. Today's dinner was wonderful and will be going there when free.

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