Saturday, September 22, 2007

Transformer Classic Mirage

This is one of my transformer Classic line. It is call Mirage. It really looks like the same Mirage during the G1 series. I love the sport car look. Though it's hard to find at first as they are flooded before the movie Transformer starts. It is found in Jaya Jusco, TRU but nobody wants it. I don't know why. Anyway, when the movie started, you can't even find this item anywhere though it is not the movie toys but anyhow I still managed to get my own collection and I'm very happy and lucky.


Ks_85 said...

Wow! The mirage look nice. Must get it when TRU restock! Anyway, thanks your sharing Jazz.

Aris said...

Yeah, I really wonder why there are lots of stock around... Is there any reason why ppl dun like him?

yksoo308 said...

wah, I admire your classic collection lar. You have almost all the classics liao.. good good! keep it up!