Saturday, September 22, 2007

Transformers Characters Biodata Comic

This 8 comics book are the most wonderful items I ever get hold and you won't feel bored reading it again and again. These comics are rare as when the time I bought it is around rm15 per comic books as they comes out in sequence. At 1 time, singapore auction is selling at SGD80 for the #1 issue. Imagine that people just know how to makes money. I think now it is hard to get.


Ks_85 said...

WOW WOW WOW! Vintage comics! Is my childhood publish comics. When is Brother Jazz open Museum?(Just Kidding). The comics are just can find in museum. Jazz you are the power collector la! let it grow and grow. Kambate!

Aris Zaril said...

Whoa... these are the comics that show the bios of the TF rite? Heard of them but never actually bought them :P

Nice collection man... cool dat you have a blog! hehe :D

alex ng ke yuan said...

i thing tat u really need 2 open a museum can hav easy $ man u are a one good collector easy money ehh can make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$