Sunday, February 22, 2009

Xuan Xuan 1st Birthday Cake

Xuan Xuan is growing up fast. Look at her, already 1 year old. Wow, a blink of your eye, she grows so fast. She's adorable and everyone like her including me. She's have a wonderful family and hope next time my kid also adorable like her. Look at her mom, so kind to brought her a birthday cake of Winnie The Pooh. The cake was nice. All of us brought her some birthday gifts.

Look at her, so happy and clapping her hand for joy when we started singing her birthday songs Why birthday songs? It's because we sang in English and Chinese. She's the star for the day. After the birthday songs, she tried to make her move towards the birthday cake because it's her big day. She did get her 1st taste on the lovely cake and did enjoyed it. Happy birthday Xuan Xuan.

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