Sunday, June 7, 2009

ROTF Sales @ TRU OneUtama

Today I went to OneUtama to have lunch with my angel. After lunch, I went on to the TRU sales which was held at the New Wing. I think different people like different characters of the ROTF at OneUtama especially pure collectors.
As you can see, comparing TRU @ TMC, characters of the ROTF here were more choices. Instead of these 2 ROTF characters, here you can easily find characters of ROTF stacking at the display stand. They were, Breakaway, Rampage, Autobot Skids, Smokescreen and what may considered hard to find, Sideways. My advice to all collectors, here are the chance to get these ROTF characters.
My purpose here is to find the last character of ROTF voyager wave, Demolisher. Finally, I managed to find Demolisher stacking at TRU @ OneUtama. I end up very happy to get it.

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Wilson Ng said...

got fallen! never tell me also