Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Dive Label : Eco-Friendly Company

Today, I was at UParkson @ OneUtama and on the way in, there was a female promoter by the name of Hema Vadivelu doing a promotion in conjunction World Environmnt Day. She show me a pamphlet that her company The DIVE label.
The DIVE - a brand that designed to give back and change lives. The company make profits with principles based on environmental responsibility. To be environmentally friendly that it seems like everyone's going green. We all need to take steps to slow down climate change so that all living creatures on planet earth to have a home for generations to come.
Nowadays most people are more eco-consciousness. You can still have the glitz and the glam because now there is an array of healthy, eco-friendly choices being offered so that we don't feel alienated by the green movement. It will one day turn to be our typical living. When that happens and hope that somehow somewhere along the line, the name DIVE will be associated to eco-friendly.
I'm so touched that there are really organisation doing their part to save the trees and for myself I really support and hope everyone will take part. As we all living in the same earth, it is important that we save trees for our futute not by talking but to take action. It's a charity cause that 10% of the sales of tees goes to GREENaid. Feel free to visit this homepage,

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