Friday, January 13, 2012

Next Destination.....School

While she's in my car
This is when I'm trying to take a photo of her
Today I'm sending this little princess to school. She's so talkative once in the car and tell my wife that today is Friday and she remembered that today I'm picking her up to school. So touching. On the way, she's talking a lot and when we about the passed Giza, I ask her how to go to her school. She keep saying here and go straight. Hehehehe. She's happy when she reached the school. Me and my wife sent her in and on the way out. She called out Yee Jeong , Ah Yi, Bye Bye.


TWS said...

Hahahahahah!! Thank you yi jiong!!! ~~~Shi shang zhi you yi zhang hao...~~~ ^_^

Amy said...

有妈的姨丈对我好 ....... sang by Zi Xuan.